Kgs of cotton waste saved


Income generated for women artisans


Indigenous lives impacted


Jobs for rural women created

With every step in this ecosystem, Indian Yards Foundation and The Good Gift combined, we seek to answer 3 primary questions - Is it good for you? Is it good for the maker? Is it good for the planet?

We use fabric and yarn for most of our craft forms. All of this material is 100% cotton and of the highest quality. For the dolls dresses we use fabric that is recycled from pre-consumer textile waste. It is sourced locally within the region, ensuring a lower carbon footprint. We use wooden components as add-ons with some of our craft forms that are sourced from responsibly managed forests. We have put in additional efforts to ensure that these input materials are safe and ethically produced. They have been tested and certified by global institutions such as OKEO-TEX, FSC, SEDEX, Etc.

All our artisans work from their respective homes which means their traditional ways of living aren’t disrupted. They work anywhere between 5-6 hours a day allowing them to care for their children and elderly, and complete their chores. We believe these communities have traditions and practices that are key to maintaining the balance of a biosphere like the Nilgiris. Hence, our focus is towards generating more value for their time versus making them work more hours. This approach helps with generating equitable income and fair trade.

Each of your The Good Gift purchases comes packed in a consciously designed reusable gift box. The gift box also contains a number of cards that can be reused as bookmarks. One of the cards is the maker card that introduces the artisan who made the product thereby demonstrating traceability. The entire box along with its contents is 100% biodegradable and plastic free.

The Good Gift is Craftmark certified, a WFTO provisional member, Goodmarket approved, SEWF-verified social enterprise and a Mountain Partnerships member.

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