Vijay Prabhu, a lawyer whose family of lawyers moved to Ooty from Mangalore and made it home about two generations earlier, was looking for preloved English style furniture for a small farmhouse he had made for his family in Avalanche near Ooty. This search brought him to a rundown guesthouse which was giving away the furniture they had. One look at the place and all Prabhu could think of was renovating it and making it a bed and breakfast hotel. This was his first.

Vijay and his wife, Meeta now run the Little Earth group which runs 5 boutique hotels - King’s Cliff, Sherlock and Destiny Farm Resort in Ooty, Mangifera in the fringes Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary and the most recently opened Cintacor an island resort in the Arabian sea off the Karwar coast.

We are super happy to have shelf space for our thegooddolls in two of their properties.

Little Earth Square
Oriental Buildings, Commissioner's Road, Ooty,
The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu 643001, India.
King’s Cliff
Havelock Rd, Police Quarters, Pudumund, Ooty,
The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu 643001, India.

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